The IoT to the Rescue for Start-Ups


The number of connected devices is expected to exceed 24 billion devices worldwide, by 2020. This current wave of connections is already affecting the way we work and live. Of course, for startup owners maintaining a work-life balance is very difficult. In fact, work and life are usually entwined. For them, running a business is similar to a 24/7 job.

Fortunately, the internet of things (IoT) can assist startup owners to streamline their procedures and perform more effectively. Let’s think of those 24 billion services and devices as a chance to work smarter, not harder.

Keeping this scenario mind, we have put together 6 ways in which IoT can be used by startup business owners.

1. Get Yourself An Unpaid Assistant
Invest in an Amazon Alexa device or a Google Assistant. You can even utilize Google Assistant via your smartphone. Device to control other smart devices can also be utilized. However, the help actually comes into play when you connect them to social media, your calendars, task and reminder management systems, or even note-taking tools.

2. Cut Down On Your Multitasking
How many windows, apps, and tabs do you have to open? Studies demonstrate that majority of us are very poor at doing different tasks at one time. So, allocate the majority of your time by setting up workflows that bring together things you require a place. This could mean Slack, OneNote, Trello, Google Drive, Evernote even your calendar or email inbox. You can modify the system that works for you. Then you can fill it with important sales data, leads, campaign stats, news, and notifications.

3. Automate Office Maintenance.
Leaving lights on overnight and forgetting to lock the door can have the big impact if you are operating a small company. This issue can be resolves and office routine can be automated using IoT devices. It is not necessary to have a big expenditure. A smart office area no longer means installing a complexed system or purchasing a multi-device package.

In just a couple of hundred dollars, you can buy a set of connected light bulbs and state-of-the-art smart lock. After this, turn on automation that will open up and shut down the office for you. You may also have money left over for a coffeemaker that will begin brewing when you walk through the door. This will enable you to save money you spend on Starbucks.

4. Communicate Better With Your Team.
You must keep in mind that IoT has not evolved to the point where a robot boss is waiting to take your job. However, there is a probability that some of the routine updates and reminders you share with your employees and team members could be automated. If you use communication tools like Telegram, GroupMe, CiscoSpark, Skype, and Slack, you can guarantee that the right information is being shared at the right time. Think about setting automated reminders for yourself before the meeting begins or share important news with the group.

5. Monitor Your Competitors.
Hiring a separate PR team to attain scoop on the industry and their competitors can be probably very expensive for startup business owners. However, keeping an eye on those things can give you a point of differentiation. You must try using the search and keyword function for services such as traditional news media, Reddit or Twitter. This will enable you to get information regarding your rivals. In other words, you will get a notification if there is an update regarding your rivals. You can also get the subscription of their newsletters. Later on, you can funnel them into Slack or give them automatically with your team just to share inspiration.

6. Improve Workplace Safety
Internet of Things solutions can assist employers guarantee worker safety and improve overall workplace security. Using wearables and embedded sensors, workers in high-risk environments such as construction or heavy industry industries can be unceasingly checked and warned against exhaustion and falls. Startup businesses can guarantee to make use of smart locks and connected video surveillance cameras to check office premises all the times and make sure the protection of important assets.

In the end, you all have gotten an idea that it is all regarding outsourcing routine tasks. This will give you time to do things that really matter. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that IoT is not stealing your job. In fact, it is empowering you to enhance your performance.

In the United States, 99.7 % of businesses are small in size, so all of these systems and devices are building with you in mind. Take a break from your routine activities, identify an area where you are spending more time when it is not required, and start using IoT.

Think of the IoT as a never-ending toolkit. As you begin to select and pick the tools that will unravel your growth, you will discover a wealth of tutorials and documentation to assist you to make the right decisions.

By Falak Khuram


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