SAZ Ensuring Exports Standards & Certification Competitiveness

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The Zimbabwe Standards Association, ZAS, has developed integrated conformity assessment services, certification, calibration, surveillance, inspection, auditing and registration services systems to promote exports quality management, and competitiveness and enhance Zimbabwe exports competitiveness.
The new measures are meant to promote exports into the Southern Africa region, continentally and globally and also help the country resuscitate the manufacturing and other productive and extractive sectors as part of broad strategies by the Zimbabwe government to help in the recovery of the economy, now characterised by acute shortages of foreign currency, power and energy shortages, medical supplies, rising inflation among many negative economic fundamentals.
Speaking with InvestAfrica Magazine at the just ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the ZAS Director General and President of African Organisation for Standardisation, ARSO, said that her organization has come up with a system for local companies to produce to the international markets requirements, while making sure that they are able to protect their workforce, environment, stakeholders and their companies in the process by adopting the ZAS integrated management systems at the same time ensuring companies and projects continuity, increase industry capacity utilization, products and services competitiveness and sustainability.
The national standards body has development the integrated management system with four pillars of Markets; Corporate Citizens, People and Enterprises, to industrial productivity, workforce productivity and wellness, efficiency, environmental management and protection, corporate social investment and responsibility, trade promotion and competitiveness.
The Zimbabwe Standards Association was formed to the widespread use of Zimbabwe National Standards; provide an understanding of standards requirements by offering standards based training programmes to corporate organizations, institutions and individuals.
SAZ also provides third party conformity assessment services, certification, calibration, surveillance, inspection, auditing and registration services.
The Standards Association of Zimbabwean also offers exporters and manufacturers third party conformity services, certification, calibration, surveillance, inspection, auditing and registration services for products meant for the local or export market.
The SAZ also offers a wide variety of laboratory facilities, testing and inspection services of raw materials, manufactured goods, calibration and inspection of equipment.
In any company or organisation the most important asset are the people who could be its workers, clients or members of the immediate environment. ZWS 992 HIV/AIDS management system for the company health and wellness. SAZ also manages and certifies the ZWS ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety in mining operations. Still under people SAZ encourages people to eat healthy food and adopt ZWS ISO 22000 for food producers and processors.
In this digital age innovation, security and protection of the company’s digital assets is of paramount importance. SAZ has come up with an integrated and wholesale of digital and information assets management and protection standards, ZWS ISO 27001.
The Zimbabwe national body has developed an Integrated Management System to promote trade development, competitiveness health and safety, and sustainability to ensure local companies and manufacturers produce quality products that can compete at the local, regional and global markets.
The Standards Association of Zimbabwe helps companies adopt and integrate social, environmental, and industry standards and certification for production, environmental management and protection, occupational health and wellness, systems integration, quality assurance and compliance.
Zimbabwe is currently exporting many raw commodities particularly mineral, cereals and grains, animal hides among many with little processing and value addition, and the country has adopted measures to reverse that.
SAZ certification offers several local, regional and international companies in the adoption of services, laboratory tests, calibration, training, and any other products and services to enhance product quality and competitiveness.
The SAZ is also a member of several regional and international standardisation organizations including the International Standards Organization, ISO; I EC, COMESA, SADCSTAN and the African Standards Organization, ARSO.
SAZ is the registered owner of the SAZ Quality Management System certification mark, for organizations to comply with ZWS ISO 9001, to quality and total customer satisfaction.
The ZWS ISO 9001 provides independent assessment of the organization’s quality management systems and helps improve efficiency of operations, ensuring consistency of production and traceability, reduce manufacturing costs at the same avoiding wastage.
The Standards Association of Zimbabwe has developed the SAZ food safety management systems, ZWS ISO 22000 certification, a food safety management system standard that incorporates quality and Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point System, HACCP, (ZWS 749:2010, principles on food safety and quality.
The ZWS ISO 22000 certification also enhances food risks awareness, food risk management, reduction of food borne infections and enhanced business credentials.
The ZWS ISO 45001 certification, is an occupational health and safety management was formed to ensure total, regulatory, legislative, social and environmental requirements at workplaces like mines, road and infrastructure development, dangerous and hazardous environments.
Zimbabwe is a member of the World Trade Organization, WTO, a world trade agreements management organization. SAZ information centre functions as the WTO National Enquiry Point (NEP) for standards conformity assessment procedures.
The Standards Association of Zimbabwe is also the World Trade Organization, WTO/TBT, enquiry point for standards and conformity assessment information in Zimbabwe.
The Standards Association of Zimbabwe offers comprehensive, laboratory, chemical, physical, microbiological and technical services from animal feed analysis, pharmaceutical assays, oils and petrochemical testing, Aflatoxins, pesticides residue tests, yarns, cosmetics and toiletries tests, thread and fabric tests, disinfectants analysis, raw materials and ingredient testing, paints and ink testing, metal analysis, tender appraisal tests, water and effluent analysis, food products and raw materials testing among many product testing facilities. The centre provides extensive services for local products and export alike.
Zimbabwe Standards Association has over 200 companies that have adopted the ZWS ISO 9001, ZWS ISO 1400, ZWS ISO 22000, ZWS ISO 45001 and the HAP series in Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa.
The Zimbabwe has activated many systems to ensure quality products and service development for export or the local market and the Zimbabwe Standards Association, ZAS, has risen to that call with a wide array of integrated conformity assessment services, certification, calibration, surveillance, inspection, auditing and registration services systems to unsure exports quality management, and competitiveness and enhance Zimbabwe exports competitiveness.
By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor


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