Dairy Processor Introduces new Cost-Effective packaging to counter the recent wave of consumer goods price increases.


Midlands based milk processor, Dendairy has introduced a new cost-effective milk and non-milk packaging solution called Tetra Brik Aseptic (TBA) for the price sensitive customers and for the company to remain competitive in the obtaining harsh economic environment.

The company has, like many other companies, been affected by the incessant power outages, the high cost of power and energy and the general high cost of business to remain viable and profitable. Speaking to AgriSeason at this year’s edition of the Midlands Show Society agriculture showcase, the Dendairy Key Accounts and Promotions Manager, Ms. Abigail Hunda said that the new packaging solution is expected to offer their clients a price relief as the saving is passed on to consumers who are now getting very price sensitive given the recent wave of price increases of many consumer goods in the country. Ms. Hunda added that the company has had to cut back certain lines that have not been performing well to focus on lines that are moving fast.

The Tetra Fino has also been introduced for the 500 millilitres of milk and is selling alongside the original plastic sachets that the company has always been using but the TFA comes at a cheaper cost.

A subsidiary of Dendairy called The Victoria Fruit Company specializes in fruit juices and produces 100% fruit juices which come in 7 different flavours. It also produces dairy blends in the following flavours – Orange, Tropical and Pineapple fruit juices under the Citro banner.

Dendairy continues to produce a wide range of products whilst the main lines are Maas and UHT milk. Ms. Hunda said that her company still produces butter, ice creams and yoghurts but they have not been performing as well as they used to due to customers being very price sensitive. Consumers are opting for necessities as opposed to luxuries but, the demand for the luxury lines is however still there – the key is to have a good product that is competitively priced.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason


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