Husqvarna wide equipment and tools for the summer season  


Husqvarna, a Swedish based, agriculture equipment manufacturer and distributor is on the market with a wide array of brush cutters and trimmers, speciality plant care and garden equipment, tillers and cultivators among so many pieces of equipment ready for the coming summer season.

The company is priding a wide range of motorised and battery powered sprayers. The battery powered sprayers can be charged over the night and can give out 7-8 hours of nonstop constant, very reliable, no chemical wasting spraying. The sprayers come with full backup services and five different nozzles and the farmers can adjust the pressure according to his requirements.

 The brush cutters and trimmers come in two versions, for industrial and home use. For industrial or commercial purposes, users like schools, colleges, local authorities, utilities and golf courses can opt for the 143R114 while home users can opt for the Hunter brush cutter that can be fitted with metal blades for tough and tall grasses and shrubs or twine heads for less tough grasses or trimming.

Speaking with the AgriSeason at this year’s edition of the Midlands Show Society, Mr. Petros Murefu, the Husqvarna sales executive said that his company is also on the market with a wide array of tillers and cultivators that  can be used for tillage, ploughing and blending fertilisers. Mr Murefu also said that the tillers can also be used for breaking large lumps of soil adding that the petrol powered 8-horse power tillers can also be used as a water pump to pump water for 8 hours.

Husqvarna also brought the 8-horse power petrol powered Garden Chipper that can be used to cut small logs, grasses, maize stover, and shrubs to make compost or animal feed. The Garden Chipper can also be used to make chicken and livestock maize crushes.

As farmers are preparing for the coming of the raining season the above equipment comes in very handy for land preparation, irrigation, feed preparation and formulation among many uses that it can be put to.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason


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