National Foods introduces Cost Effective Broiler and Layer 3 Phase Feeding Regime


National Foods has come up with a cost-effective broiler and layer 3-Phase Feeding regime that poultry produces can now use to ensure optimum productivity and high performance of their birds.

For point of lay birds between 18 to 40 weeks, farmers can use the Early Lay, that is rich in protein with less calcium for full development of the bird before laying.

After 40 weeks the farmer can switch to the Mid Lay which is rich in Calcium and less Protein. The increased protein is very important for the birds to strong bone development and for the production egg shells as they start to lay eggs.



After 60 weeks the farmer can now switch to the Late Lay that has less protein and but increase Calcium for increased egg shell production and continued bone development until the birds stop commercial egg production and the farmer decides to cull the birds.

The National Foods Technical Advisor for Stock Feeds, Mr. Patrick

Marusho, said that the farmers should give sufficient feed to their birds to ensure sustained growth and productivity.

Mr. Marusho added that for birds that are produced in battery cages, the farmers should ensure that the birds do not require a lot of feed as they should only get enough to sustain requirements and they usually eat less than the ones that are free to move around and waste energy.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason



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