Agriculture mechanization the pillar to Zimbabwe Agriculture Growth and recovery


The Zimbabwe Government is expected to continue to assist irrigation farmers source tractors to enhance output for the coming summer season through the Division of mechanisation of the ministry of lands, Agriculture Water climate and rural resettlement.

Speaking to the AgriSeason at the just ended Midlands Show Society, annual showcase, Mr Ruben Gomo, said that his division is expecting a number of tractors for irrigation farmers and farmers with irrigation potential to boost productivity and competitiveness in the country.

Mr. Gomo added that the tractors that are expected to come from Belarus are expected to meet the =irrigation farmers tillage and on-farm expectations and his division has technical capacity to train the farers on how to optimally use the equipment while matching the tractor size to the farm requirements.

The Division of mechanization helps farmers conduct farmer training courses in farm mechanisation aspects and planning, strategizing and developing farm mechanisation systems for different farmer needs.

The division also helps in the review and develop standards for agricultural machinery and equipment and testing and evaluation of farm machinery and equipment.

The Division of mechanization also conducts adaptive research on Conservation Agriculture, Farm Power and Machinery, Post-harvest and Farm Structures technologies.

Protection of arable land through pegging of soil and water conservation works

Design and construction supervision of small earth dams for livestock watering

The Division of mechanization also has the Post-Harvest and Structures unit that assists farmers construct appropriate farm structures using locally available resources.

The post-harvest unit is promoting the adoption of tin silos for farmers to store their grain and cereals in water tight and oxygen deprived environment.

The division runs another unit of Soil & Water conservation and assists clients site dams provide topographical surveys, establish dam capacity, provide catchment area and water conservation advisory and awareness among other services.

The farm power machinery unit assists clients optimally use and manage their farm equipment well through training and advisory. The unit has technical experts who can provide clients with on farm equipment repairs and seasonal maintenance.


By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason




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