Horticulture Products Demand Outstripping Supply


Businessman, turned farmer, Mr. Ganyani says that he is failing to meet demand for the supply of fresh tomatoes and several horticulture products to the Gweru and other buyers in other parts of country as he is producing a lot of horticulture products from only a two-hectare at Stabile Park, plot a few kilometres from the City of Gweru.

Mr. Ganyani produces three greenhouse varieties, Star 9037, Trinity and Chinese fast growing T21 and T48 varieties.

Mr. Ganyani who operates a number of business ventures in Gweru, said that he got into agriculture after he was inspired by two brothers who were producing a number of horticulture products and had grown so successful that they bought a truck in a short period of time. Mr. Ganyani said that the brothers were doing so well despite the fact that they were less resourced and structured as he is and thought he could do better.

The farmer sunk and operates three solar powered boreholes for irrigating crops and recently sunk a forth for the abattoir project and also augument other irrigation and farm activities.

The farmer lamented the low prices that farmers are today are forced to part with their produce by retailers and middlemen who end up making more money than the farmer without doing much but to resell the produce at very high prices.

Mr. Ganyani operates four greenhouses from where he harvests and average of three tonnes of tomatoes a week per greenhouse for the insatiable market.

To reduce loses to middlemen and gullible retailers who take a very long time to pay the farmers, Mr. Ganyani has opted to construct an abattoir on the plot to process meat for his own butchery in the City of Gweru, from where he intends to sell all his horticulture products and benefit the buyers who will buy the cheaper off farm fresh produce.

The abattoir is near completion and expected to start running in a few weeks’ time. The farmer said that he now has capacity to run a farm up to 100ha for his horticulture activities and requires more for his livestock projects for him to diversify into meat processing.

By Francis Bingandadi AgriSeason Managing Editor






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