Access to nutritious, safe and sustainable food integral to Zero Hunger Mission: WFP


Access to nutritious, safe and sustainable food integral is one of the most important elements to ensure Zero Hunger Mission says the World Food Programme, WFP.

Speaking at the commemoration of the World Food Day at Insukamini Irrigation Scheme in Lower Gweru, in the Midlands province, the WFP Country Representative and Director, Mr. Eddie Rowe said that, “around the world as in Zimbabwe, hunger is on the rise.”

This year’s edition of”the World Food Day was celebrated with the theme, “Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy Diets for a #Zero Hunger World.”

Mr. Rowe said that, “3.5 million people in Zimbabwe are currently acutely food insecure.” Adding that 5.5 million rural people are expected to be food insecure during the peak of this’s lean season. Additionally, early projections suggest that 2.2 million more, living in high density urban areas, will also be affected. ”

The WFP country representative and director said that,” WFP’s Lean Season Assistance Programme aims to provide, in complement to Government efforts, emergency food assistance to 2 million rural people between the months of October and December. In January, these efforts will be scaled up to reach 2.7 million. ”

The WFP said that Zero Hunger cannot be achieved by food aid alone but by providing an integrated investment in building resilience of the at-risk communities towards the threat of future climate shocks.

Mr. Rowe said that, “‘If Our Actions Are Our Future’, then we have a duty to start acting out now against the drivers of climate change. If not, Zimbabwe’s current food insecurity situation with the economic crisis, should act as a wake-up-call”.

The WFP is taking action for the present and the future of both people and planet said Mr. Riowe, adding that ”Our support to smallholder farmers encourages crop diversification with small grains such as sorghum and millet, which is not only more resilient in the face of climate change but also supports improved nutrition.

In the face of Zimbabwe’s deepening food crisis, our actions efforts determine how successful we are going to be to ensure food sustainability and security.

By Francis Bingandadi AgriSeason Managing Editor



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