Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Programme Improves Smallholder Food Security


Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Programme is increasing incomes and food security for 3,000 beef and 2,000 dairy smallholder producers; improving hygiene and nutrition; and building the capacity of local organizations.

The Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development program commenced in June 2015 and will run through June 2020. The program’s overall objective is to reduce rural poverty and increase incomes, food security, and build the resilience of 1,800 and 1,200 smallholder beef and dairy producers, respectively.

To date, 3,593 rural households have benefited from program interventions. Beef households constituted 77 percent of the total number of beneficiaries while dairy households made up 23 percent.

With increased accessed to banks, beef and dairy farmers are entering into productive and sustainable investments.The program has assisted farmers in preparing for artificial insemination, including identifying suitable cows or heifers, proper feeding, and constructing sound cattle handling facilities.

Each beneficiary household will own at least 15-20 beef cattle by the close of the program, and the program will link farmers to local milk processors to facilitate formal sales.


For more please contact:

Emeldah Takaona

Senior Communication Specialist

Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Program

Suite 1 Westgate House West

Westgate Shopping Complex

Westgate, Harare

Office +263 242 309050

Mobile +263 778 294188

Skype: eymmie



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