Chipinge Beef Farmer Ready to Venture into Dairy Production


Innovative and successful beef farmer, and beneficiary of the USAID funded Feed the Future Livestock Development Programme, Mrs. Sunungurayi Godha Chidhakwa of Matandana Village, in Ward 4, in Chipinge South, Manicaland, says that she is ready to venture into dairy beef-farming as she said she has mastered well what she was taught under the programme and can now stand on her own even if the programme were to wind up.

Mrs. Chdhakwa, said that she started beef farming in 2016 with a small her of six and has managed to grow it to 18 in a short space of time.

Mr.s. Chidhakwa said that she learnt so many good livestock production practices from feeding, feed formulation, disease monitoring and management, pest control and management to dosing.

The beef farmer said that her husband stays and works in South Africa wishes one day he will realize that he is wasting his time in South Africa comes back to learn from her on what she now knows about making animal feed from cheap locally available and grown materials that she feeds her animals and has been using all along to prevent poverty deaths that has killed several cattle in other drier parts of the country.

Mrs. Chidhakwa said that she can make silage by mixing crops like sun hemp, sorghum and maize stover, molasses and velvet beans and garnish it with small cubes of the carefully cleaned prickly pear leaves.

Mrs. Chidhakwa said that the programme has also tought the farmers to sell their animals through carefully selected abattoirs and better paying markets than through middle men who used to cheat them.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason

For more information please contact:

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Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Program

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