The Feed the Future Livestock Development Programme Benefit over 3600 Smallholder Farmers in Chipinge South


The USAID sponsored, and Fintrac implemented, Feed the Future Livestock Development programme has benefit over 3600 Smallholder Farmers in Chipinge South, in Manicaland, Zimbabwe. The programme afforded the farmers technical assistance and to help them reduce poverty and ensure financial, food and nutritional security and increased agriculture productivity.

Mrs. Emeldah Takaona, Fintrac Communications Specialist (in the middle) speaking with reporters

Speaking with reporters from several media houses on a media tour of Chipinge, the Fintrac Communications Specialist Mrs. Emeldah Takaona said that the programme is building demand for smallholder produced beef and dairy products and focussing on quality, continuity of supply and cost competitiveness.

Mrs. Takaona said that in Chipinge South, the programme has assisted 3 640 smallholder beef farmers in which 50% are women in 13 13 wards.

From inception, 236 farmers, 28% being women, have sold 510 pen fattened and open range land fed cattle valued at $294 377 on the commercial markets, said Mrs Takaona.

One hundred and twenty one, 121 farmers of which 52% were women, were also assisted to get $42 086 worth of short term finance from formal and informal markets added Mrs Takaona. 121 farmers.

Several farmers who spoke to the AgriSeason said that they are ready to use the technical expertise, networks and synergies that they acquired from the programme even is the programme were to wind down.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason


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