Access to Water Key for Smallholder Livestock and Agriculture Development


Zimbabwe has generally battled perennial water shortages, climate unpredictability, and drought induced crop and agriculture failures for many years. It is now very clear that rain-fed agriculture in Zimbabwe is  unsustainable and unreliable and is responsible for many animal poverty deaths and crop failure for over three decades now in a row.

Operating in drier parts of Zimbabwe, the Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Programme has come up with the Technology Fund to help smallholder farmers install water infrastructure for domestic, crop and animal production and consumption.

The Technology Fund has assisted many farmers invest in borehole drilling, “to improve access and availability of portable water for beef and clean milk production; household and other requirements,” said Mrs. Emeldah Takaona, the Fintrac Zimbabwe Senior Communications Expert.

The Technology Fund is a flexible contract facility designed to demonstrate the driling of boreholes and installation of water reticulation technologies co-invested by the farmers themselves, said Mrs. Takaona.

“The farmers are encouraged to sell part of their herds to co-finance the installatio of water projects and some are now using the water to grow a number of horticulture projects and diversify their income, enhance their WASH status and water their animals.

The Technology Fund is a market driven facility that brings together farmers and service providers and suppliers to stimulate demand for smallholder out and competitiveness for the beef and dairy farmers.



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