Livestock Development Programme Addresses Gender Issues


The Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Programme in Chipinge South district, in Manicaland province, has helped address several gender mainstreaming issues and imbalances in the area with the introduction of gender sensitive technologies and expertise in livestock management and production.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgriSeason

In many parts of Zimbabwe women cattle production and ownership is taboo as women are generally not allowed to take a leading role in cattle breeding, vaccination, administration of drugs and medicines to more practical roles like castration and dehorning.

Mrs. Sunungura Gadha-Chidhakwa of Matandana Village, in Ward 4, said that many women in her area are now able to perform any livestock management tasks with or without the assistance or supervision of men as they have all learnt what has to be done from the Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Programme.

Mrs. Chidhakwa said that the programme came as a blessing to the women like her whose husband is in South Africa and she was left alone to look after the animals.

The programme has also taught the women and men gender mainstreaming issues and many families that have taken up the teaching of the programme are leaving in harmony together, helping each realise their goals.

Women can now make their own money from the projects they are undertaking and throught the adoption of gender sensitive and friendly technologies taht make it easy to manage their cattle.

The women are now able to dose, administer medicines, inspect, dip or castrate bull with or without the help of men.



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