Theileriosis (January Disease) May be Out of Control Soon


Theileriosis (January Disease) May be Out of Control Soon

There is currently a serious outbreak of Theileriosis in cattle occurring in rural areas such as Hwedza, Chivu, Gutu Mondoro, Marondera and local areas. Thousands of cattle have and are dying due to a marked shortage  of functional dips in rural areas is aggravating the problem but the brown ear ticks which transmit the disease are very active due to the seasonal conditions and a marked institutional and national failure to control the ticks through dipping.

Tick treatment and control

The only way to control the tick and save cattle is to dip or spray cattle with dips such as TIKGARD (which is relatively cheap) where the ticks feed on the animal. You must remember the tick feeds on the head, eyelids, area between the ears on the head, inside and outside the ears, neck both sides, bottom of the neck and under the tail and end of the tail.

The cattle must be dipped  3 times in 2 weeks. It is called the 5,5,4 dipping plan which is the same as dipping 3 times in 2 weeks. This dipping programme must carry on until winter arrives and then change to weekly dipping for the rest of the year until summer when you start again 3 times in 2 weeks.  
Cattle owners must also use tick grease which is smeared in the ears with the finger between 5,5,4 dipping days.Tick grease is very important.
This the only way to effectively control brown ticks and prevent Theileriosis.

Signs and symptoms

Theileriosis causes weakness, blindness, rapid breathing, high temperature, foam at the nose and mouth. Treat as soon as possible with Butachem stocked by FIVET. Treating cattle with breathing problems is a waste of time but the drug works well when treated very early when animals look tired and stop eating. They will not survive if breathing is difficult. Owners must examine cattle daily to control this disease.


⚠ *IMPORTANT: Prevent and act fast. *

 Treatment of tick-borne diseases is only effective if done very early in the course of the disease .

For the treatment of Theileriosis (January Disease) with or without concurrent Anaplasmosis and/or Heartwater, the following treatment and prevention strategies can be used :

A) Treatment :

1. Baparvaquone injectable ( eg Butachem-50 or Butalex ) for treatment of Theileriosis (January Disease)

2. Oxytetracycline LA injectable ( eg Hitet 200 LA ) for supportive treatment of Theileriosis and for concurrent treatment of Anaplasmosis (Gall sickness )and/or Heartwater if present. 

3. Injectable Multivitamin 
Injections of Vitamin AD3E + Vitamin B Complex  as nutritional supplement to aid faster recovery, reduce stress and improve appetite 

B)Tick control programme:

Dipping frequency *

DIP YOUR LIVESTOCK ONCE PER WEEK IN THE RAIN SEASON and at least once every two weeks in dry season. In heavily infested areas you may need to dip weekly in dry season. If raining constantly use oily/sticky pour-on dips. Use tick grease in the ears, under tail , tip of tail and other hidden places like around the udder /groin area and between body and front legs.

1. Tick grease ( eg Coopers tick grease) for hand dressing in hidden places such as inside the ears, under the tail, at tail tip, between and between the legs and the body 

2. Spray dip/acaricide chemical  ( eg TIKGARD) for use with knapsack sprayer

3. Pour-on type of Dip ( eg Drastic Deadline) 

You can interchange the spray and the pour-on on a weekly basis but use the tick grease weekly or even in between 
*C) Other important interventions that may be needed *

1. Ivermectin 1%  injectable  ( eg Bimectin, Bremamectin , Intermectin etc ) for internal and external parasites including limited 

Article Credit: Mr. Frank Kakopa: Farmer