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The AgriSeason provides a wide variety of standard and custom Display Advertising options and visual formats. Below are some of the advert

Contact our advertising team to place your ad and to find out about personalized ad options to suit your needs we offer. Please contact us for all your requirements on any advertising options and formats that we do not offer so that we see how best to assist you.

We are expanding our site advertising offering to offer the following and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any of the options and formats below:

  1. Deepen your brand’s awareness through display advertising in the print edition and take up these ad formats: cover tips, bellyband wraps around the journal, and inserts/outserts polybagged with a journal issue.
  2. Online Banner Ads Interact with your audience online with a leaderboard or skyscraper banner ad placed on a Journal homepage hosted on the AgriSeason Print & digital Magazines platform. Custom expandable and roadblock banners may also be available.
  3. E-Newsletters Endorse highly respected research and organizations in your market with a single sponsorship to the AgriSeason endorsed newsletter or magazine.
  4. Sponsored Collections as an industry partner, you have the opportunity to provide open access to leading peer-reviewed content from AgriSeason Print & digital Magazines. Please DOWNLOAD Our Website Advertising Rates

Requirements for Advertising

Acceptance Advertising is subject to approval by the AgriSeason, which reserves the right to reject advertising deemed not in keeping with the publication’s standards. Advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of the current rate card, and the conditions set forth in Principles Governing Advertising in Publications of the American Medical Association.

Advert Format and Placement Policy

No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on an insertion order, billing instruction, or copy instructions that conflict with the AgriSeason’s stated policies shall be binding on the publisher. Positioning of advertising is at the discretion of the publisher except when a preferred position has been confirmed in writing by Advertising Services. Advertisements are dispersed between and within selected editorial departments and are rotated fairly.

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