Several economic development indicators consider agriculture to be the first stage of development, while the degree of industrialization is generally seen as the best indicator of a country’s progress along the development path.

Developmentand economic growth strategiesmeasure from a country’s gradual shift from agriculture to industry or manufacturing, still with agriculture as the feed for primary or secondary value addition for harmonious socio- political and economic stability and growth.

Today agriculture itself has become a form of industry, as technology, vertical and lateral value chain integration, marketing and consumer preferences and tastes evolving and matching the profile of comparable industrial sectors.

The deployment of resources in agriculture has become increasingly responsive to market forces and increasingly integrated in the network of industrial interdependencies.

Agricultural products are shaped by technologies of growing complexity, and they incorporate the results of major research and development efforts as well as increasingly sophisticated individual and collective preferences regarding nutrition, health and the environment.

It is increasingly getting difficult to distinguish a country’s phase of production of raw materials from the processing and transformation phase, blurred by the complexity of technology and the extent of vertical and lateral value chain integration: the industrialization of agriculture and development of agroprocessing industries is thus a joint process which is generating an entirely new type of industrial sector.

Zimbabwe’s agroprocessing sector has suffered years of disinvestment and regression brought about by several political issues which are out of the scope of this website.

Zimbabwe is currently inviting investment into the agriculture and agro-processing sectors so as to grow the economy as a whole.

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