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AgriSeason is an integrated smallholder competitiveness development media package to explore the growth, developments and trends in the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe, the region and beyond.

The AgriSeason has grown to now offer turnkey editorial on smallholder agriculture seasonal productivity and competitiveness to cover the following editorial themes:

The AgriSeason is excited to explore the contribution of Science and Technology in Agriculture productivity and sustainability and would in the 2019-20 farming season be reporting on a number of technologies, innovations and scientific breakthroughs like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, (IoT), Quantum Computing, 5G, Big Data among many.

The AgriSeason has also noted that Climate Change is posing several unimagined, unpredictable and severe challenges, risks and impacts to agriculture, life, property, political, and economic systems and the environment.

The AgriSeason shall be exploring the emerging Climate Change mitigation and adaptation solutions for adoption in Africa in particular, where it is very evident that the continent is going to be affected by Climate Change the most.

We would like to invite Science and Technology and Climate Change experts to work with us as we develop informative and turnkey content for our growing readership.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Francis S. Bingandadi Sr.

Managing Editor

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